School plays a significant role in our formative years, building the foundation for an individual’s character at a young, impressionable age. The competitive nature of our curriculum is created by a self-centered society driven by materialistic gain, an educational model that inevitably leads to a greater lack of empathy and societal compassion in our youth.
In a time when our systems judge us solely on the basis of our IQ, our program aims to further the EQ of our youth and encourage a holistic approach to their education. At YRC, we intend to inspire change through innovative ventures and initiatives, forging a balance between an individual’s human capital and their contribution to society. We believe that inculcating a sense of social responsibility in tandem with key entrepreneurial skills in students sets YRC apart as an enriching experience. We build empathy in the youth, encouraging innovation that is beneficial at a personal and social level, nurturing the skills and talents that make each student unique.


YRC Annual Summit

  • Network amongst peers, mentors, and professionals
  • Develop cross-cultural communication skills.
  • Interact with professionals from leading companies and universities and learn about their career paths.
  • Work collaboratively to promote team building.
  • Celebrate at Gala Night!
  • Showcase their progress and accomplishments to peers and investors.

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