“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.”

- Oprah Winfrey


YRC’s ‘Global Changemakers Program’ channels student’s educations toward various social entrepreneurship initiatives. We empower students to become capable, aware, and active contributors to their communities, nations, and the world at large through a transformative process of shared perspectives, values, and responsibilities.
The program identifies passionate high school students from all over the globe to unite their entrepreneurial ability for social reform and the greater good. They develop business ideas, using their classroom and textbook knowledge, trained by mentors, professionals, and industry experts to make a difference in the world and make their dreams project a reality through concrete business plans.


This module aims to provide mentees with a greater understanding of the ability that entrepreneurial initiatives have to effectively solve the challenges developing nations face. It combines qualitative and quantitative data with a niche understanding of various social initiatives to help students understand enterprise. The mentees will learn about trends in social entrepreneurial initiatives, population dynamics, prototyping, and the use of capital, guided by a variety of founders, investors, and executives with first-hand experience in the field.



YRC realizes the role that language plays in entrepreneurial success; in order to develop the critical skills of analytical reading and persuasive writing, mentees are put through a series of grueling bi-weekly assignments. Every two weeks, each student is required to submit a thorough report on a book they read that week. Within the leadership module, a lesson based on ‘leader-level reading and writing’ includes guidelines to help you read more effectively, productively, and help you discover the world of literature. Each mentee is encouraged to find material that is the most compelling and relevant to them in order to concentrate the full power of their thought process in each assignment. The goal is not to ‘impress’ the reader; truly good writing is clear, concise, and impactful.


This program’s primary aim is to instill and develop a sense of empathy in each participant and the Kindness Module hones in on that skill. Participants will collaborate with YRC’s partner NGOs and Social Enterprises across the nation, working on active projects that target social shortcomings in education, health, children and women’s rights, elderly and displaced individuals, environmental conservation, biodiversity protection, the generation of livelihood and a variety of other issues. Each project is objective and goal-oriented, supervised by the YRC team to ensure an enriching learning experience for our mentees.



In a time of global uncertainty, leaders must be drawn out from within their diverse networks and encouraged to share their complex viewpoints, expectations, and influence in order to make this world a better place for us all. Despite popular belief, leadership is a learnable skill that expands with investment. In order to harness your power as a leader, this module will help you build a leadership mindset. Mentees will learn cooperation, specialization, and the psychology of group dynamics in order to maximize efficiency and job satisfaction. We will focus on the principles of new-age leadership, including resilience, empathy, innovation, and the power of a thriving mindset in order to help students tackle critical leadership challenges. Students will learn how to set smart goals, deal with resistance, and evolve as a leader in times of uncertainty.

Research and Project Management

Problem-solving is a fundamental challenge every leader undertakes during the course of their careers. This module consists of a student-led design team that tackles the most immediate social and environmental challenges in their communities. For example: What are we going to do with this excess of CO2? How can we make genetic engineering safer? What can we do to ensure the safety of women in our streets? How can we filter sea-water to use as a resource to solve the impending water crisis? What have we learned in our time here? Drawing inspiration from all of our previous modules, we will generate a list of problems that the world faces today. The purpose of this module will be to create a product or a collective solution to a problem through human-centric design. As we study the process of Design-Thinking in detail throughout the program, we will simultaneously apply those techniques in this module to solve real-world problems together.


Skill Development

The skills and training required for enterprise are currently drowning in the overwhelming flood of motivational quotes, tips, and tricks on the internet. In order to truly approach the process of becoming an entrepreneur objectively, the Skill Development module is designed to equip the mentees with the skillset they need to succeed. The training experienced in this module will help students thrive in their entrepreneurial journey and also benefit their academic and professional lives in a plethora of ways. Instead of focusing on assignments, this process is largely skill and training based in order to make the abstract and often elusive skills of entrepreneurship into tangible, reachable goals to use during the program and beyond.

Expected Output

The Out-Of-School program aims to build confidence in the entrepreneurial ability of each mentee by equipping them with the skill of enterprise. The process is individualized; each mentor tailors the program to encourage social awareness and develop the talents, passions, and skills of each student through the modules, enabling personal development that will benefit each student well beyond the program. By connecting them with the right networks of leaders, professionals, and investors, the program gives mentees the opportunity to use their newfound empathy, skills, confidence, and knowledge to make their dream projects a reality.


Expected Impact

Today, with global-scale issues such as climate change, racism, and income inequity at an all-time high, the world needs leaders that prioritize the greater good over personal profit more than ever before. The YRC Out-Of-School program's primary aim is to identify potential these leaders as early as possible, build their entrepreneurial ability, and help make their dreams a reality in order to fill the social requirement for good leaders. The holistic nature of the program focuses on social issues and enables the participants to make a tangible positive impact on their community during the program. Most importantly, however, it equips mentees with the network and skillset to expand their projects and bring efficient, large-scale, and good social change beyond the program, doing their part to make the world a better place for us all.

Program Duration: 20 weeks

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