" YRC works with various organisations to create an eco-system where students not only learns the practical side of leadership and business skills but also imbibe the art of giving and supporting the needy through various innovative business and service programs."


Industry interaction and support is very critical for YRC program. Applied and practical learning gives students the real and on ground experience. The same know-how can be effectively utilised by students for start-ups and business ideas. As we begin our journey many leading Indian and global companies will recognise our efforts and will certainly support the YRC noble initiative.
Some of the companies supporting and recognising YRC efforts.


YRC core belief is that education should be the change agent, a tool to help and uplift others. Education should be the force to unite and support people. Taking this core ideology forward, we have tied up with organisation/ societies which are on a mission to render selfless service to underprivileged and needy in their own way. YRC not only wish to support these organisation financially on a regular basis but through service programme empowers young leaders to actively contribute to the community, while on the project through on ground and virtual projects. Service is at the heart of our mission, and service activities are a vital part of the YRC programme.

Earth Saviours Foundation (NGO):

Due to human negligence and selfishness humanity is at stake. Our mother earth is wounded in every way - suffering from global warming, deforestation, natural disasters, pollution, drinking water crisis, illiteracy, poverty, hunger, crime, traffic hazards, and cruelty to animals, wars and cross country terrorism. These are a few of the deadly menaces affecting our planet. In order to heal the wounds of Mother Earth, God chooses a few people to protect the planet and its environment. Ravi Kalra is one of them and is putting his entire being and life in to tackling the challenges

Vivekanand Public School:

A primary school in Agra for economically weaker and backward sections of the society. School is present in remote part of Agra from last 36 years, imparting good quality education to students coming from very challenging backgrounds like uneducated parents background, rickshaw pullers, unskilled daily wagers, and homeless kids.

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